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GIP SC S*Sjöhorvan's Elvis DVM, NFO n 03 24
born 20th March 2008

Mother: SC S*Sjöhorvan's Clara
Father: IC S*Harley Honey's Night Rod JW

The King! Elvis loves going to shows.
He is the father of 5 litters and is now neutered..
Elvis-mai13 C S*Utblicken's Vera, NFO n 22
born 7th February 2006

Mother: Glana
Father: Arcont
CH S*Rockringen's Naughty Girl,
NFO n 03 24
born 8th August 2011

Mother: DK*Giulia Grisi av Fager
Father: CH S*Rockringen's Manboy

Naughty is lovely cat, social and kind, but lives up to her name at times! She has had three litter and is now neutered.
Naughty-mai13 (N) Evergood's Chubby Little John, NFO n 09 23
born 2003

My first cat and still with us, going on 12
He was neutered when he was one year old.
(N) Ruskekatten's Black Diamond, NFO n 09

Mother: (N) Ruskekatten's Klara
Father: GIP SC S*Sjöhorvan's Elvis DVM

Blackie, like her mother, does not like shows, so she stays home. She has had three litters.
Blackie-mai13 IC (N) Ruskekatten's Elara, NFO n 09
born 30th July 2013

Mother: (N) Ruskekatten's Black Diamond
Father: S*Nenya's Pantalaymon

IC (N) Ruskekatten's Duo, NFO n 03 24
born 4th November 2013

Mother: CH S*Rockringen's Naughty Girl
Father: GIC S*Et Consortez Knut Hallonstrut DVM

Duo (N) Ruskekatten's Cherry, NFO ns 22
born 30th November 2014

Mother: (N) Ruskekatten's Black Diamond
Father: (N) Ruskekatten's Donald Duck

In memory

N) Løvetun's Arabella, NFO fs
The queen of the house, the ultimate alfa cat
She is still here, even if she is not

Ronja had 2 litters
Ronja (N) Ruskekatten's Penny Lane, NFO ns 09 22

Mother (N) Løvetun's Arabella

She had one litter and was neutered after that.

N) Vanity's Charmina, NFO d 09 22
Beautiful, tender and loving
Charmina (N) Ruskekatten's Klara,
NFO f 22
born 29th May 2010

Mother: CH (N) Ruskekatten's Jennyanydots
Father: GIC S*Musslan Fernando

No question, Klara does not like shows!
She has 2 certs for Champion, but I doubt she will ever get the 3rd one...